About Us

Welcome to Green Chi Cafe! 

We are a group of environmentalists sharing our passion for a everything related to the environment and green living.

After spending 10 years in a corporate office job for a large multinational company, I have grown increasingly concerned about  2 things:

  1. Poor habits and lifestyle choices amongst our fellow humans (including myself!)
  2. Our dependence on non-renewable fuels, and its impact on our economy and lifestyles.

For those reasons, I decided to start this blog where my writing team and I can share ways to improve both the lives of ourselves, but also the environment in which we live.

You will find posts related to the Environment, Green Living, General Lifestyle, Self-Improvement, Beauty, Food, and Sustainability

What is Green Chi?

Green Lifestyle: Good for health and the environment

Chi: Vital energy in nature

Green + Chi: Renewal, revitalization, and regeneration on a personal and global scale

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